July 2024

Building an Innovative E-Commerce Portal

We developed an innovative e-commerce portal using Medusa Ecommerce, Strapi, PostgreSQL, Algolia, and Shiprocket, showcasing our technical expertise.


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Web and Mobile

Building an Innovative E-Commerce Portal


In our latest project, we set out to create a cutting-edge e-commerce portal using a combination of advanced technologies. Our goal was to experiment with and leverage these technologies to develop a robust, scalable, and user-friendly platform that could serve as a blueprint for future e-commerce solutions. This project highlights our commitment to pushing the boundaries of e-commerce development and showcases our technical expertise.

medusa, algolia, strapi, postgresql, shiprocket, figma


As this was an internal project, there was no external client involved. Our team was driven by the challenge of integrating various technologies to build a comprehensive e-commerce platform.

Project Objectives

Goals and Objectives:

  • To build a fully functional e-commerce portal using a combination of Medusa Ecommerce, Strapi, PostgreSQL, Algolia, and Shiprocket.
  • To explore the capabilities and integration of these technologies in a single platform.
  • To create a user-friendly and efficient shopping experience.

Scope of Work:

  • Develop the front-end and back-end of the e-commerce portal.
  • Implement seamless integrations between various technologies.
  • Ensure the platform is scalable, secure, and provides a smooth user experience.

Approach and Solution

Methodology:We adopted an Agile approach, allowing us to iteratively develop and refine the platform based on continuous feedback and testing.

Technologies Used:

  • Medusa Ecommerce: Served as the core commerce platform with a built-in framework for customisations.
  • Strapi: Used as the headless CMS to manage content efficiently.
  • PostgreSQL: Chosen for its robustness and reliability as the database system.
  • Algolia: Implemented for powerful search and discovery capabilities.
  • Shiprocket: Integrated to handle e-commerce logistics and shipping solutions.

Development Process:

  1. Initial Planning: Defined the project scope, objectives, and the roles of each technology.
  2. Front-End Development: Utilised Medusa Ecommerce for the main framework and integrated it with Strapi to manage content.
  3. Back-End Development: Set up PostgreSQL as the database and connected it with the front-end using Express.
  4. Search Integration: Integrated Algolia to provide fast and accurate search results.
  5. Shipping Integration: Implemented Ship Rocket for logistics and shipping functionalities.
  6. Testing and Iteration: Conducted extensive testing and made necessary iterations to ensure a seamless user experience.

Customization and Innovation:Our team faced and overcame several challenges during the development process. One notable issue was with setting up Razor Pay for payment processing. We encountered a problem due to incorrect setup instructions in the README file, which resulted in a "command not found" error. By checking older commits, we discovered the missing script.js file, copied it into the latest codebase, and successfully set up Razor Pay. We also created a pull request in GitHub to address this issue, which was subsequently merged.


Deployment:The deployment process was carefully planned and executed to ensure minimal downtime and a smooth transition to the live environment.

Testing:We employed comprehensive testing strategies, including unit tests, integration tests, and user acceptance testing, to ensure the quality and reliability of the platform.

Training and Support:While this was an internal project, we documented all processes and provided training to team members to facilitate future maintenance and enhancements.

Results and Impact

Quantitative Results:

  • Successful integration of multiple advanced technologies into a cohesive e-commerce platform.
  • Smooth and efficient user experience demonstrated through rigorous testing and internal reviews.

Qualitative Results:

  • Enhanced our team's expertise in using Medusa Ecommerce, Strapi, PostgreSQL, Algolia, and Shiprocket.
  • Improved internal processes and set a benchmark for future e-commerce projects.

Comparison:Before the project, we had limited experience in integrating these technologies. Post-project, we gained significant insights and developed a robust, scalable e-commerce portal.


This project was a successful experiment in integrating multiple advanced technologies to build a comprehensive e-commerce portal. It demonstrated our technical capabilities and commitment to innovation in the e-commerce domain.

For businesses looking to develop advanced e-commerce solutions, contact us to learn how we can leverage our expertise to meet your needs.   Contact us for more information.


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