May 2024

Enhancing Digital Entertainment: A UX/UI Transformation Story

Revamping SonyLIV with simplified navigation, improved content discovery, and social sharing for enhanced user satisfaction.





Enhancing Digital Entertainment: A UX/UI Transformation Story

Project Overview

  • SonyLIV, India's pioneering streaming platform, has been revolutionizing digital entertainment since its launch in 2013. Offering a diverse array of content including films, TV shows, live sports, and original productions, SonyLIV caters to the varied tastes of its audience. However, despite its popularity, users encounter challenges with the current app/desktop version, including navigating a cluttered interface and difficulty in discovering relevant content.
  • Additionally, users express a desire for better search options and social sharing features. In response to these needs, our project aims to redesign the SonyLIV mobile and desktop applications to enhance usability and overall user satisfaction.
  • By simplifying the interface, improving content discovery, and introducing social sharing features, we aim to create a seamless and enjoyable entertainment experience for all SonyLIV users.

Approach Workflow

  • Our design process begins with thorough research and analysis to understand the needs and frustrations of SonyLIV users.
  • We conducted a comprehensive user survey to gather feedback directly from our audience, aiming to uncover insights that guide our redesign efforts.
  • Key survey questions focused on understanding what makes them frustrated. We asked questions like how hard it is to decide what to watch, if the app is easy to move around, how important it is to find shows easily, and more. This helped us understand what users struggle with and what they want to see improved.
  • Around 80% said they often struggle to decide what to watch, while about 30% find it hard to move around the app. Also, about 70% really want to find shows easily.

Design process

  • In redesigning the SonyLIV mobile app, we've focused on making it easier for users to navigate and find what they want.
  • Simplification for Ease of Use: We've made buttons bigger and easier to see, so users don't have to remember where everything is. This follows the "recognition over recall" rule, making it simple to find what they need without needing a good memory.
  • Clear Visual Hierarchy: Important stuff like search bars and navigation icons are always at the top of the screen, so users know where to look first. This follows the "visual hierarchy" rule, making it easy to find important things and not get confused.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Before users watch a show, we show them trailers and let them rate episodes. This makes them feel more involved and valued, following the "reciprocity" rule.
  • Streamlined Decision-Making: We limit the number of top search suggestions and organize watchlists by separating movies and TV shows. This makes it easier for users to decide what to watch, following the "Hick's Law" rule.
  • Feedback and Confirmation: When users delete something from their watchlist, we ask if they're sure. We also have a search field in the Help & FAQ section. This gives users more control and confidence, following the "user control and freedom" rule.


Mobile Application

Desktop Application


In conclusion, our redesign of the SonyLIV mobile application focused on enhancing user experience through principles of simplicity, clarity, engagement, efficiency, and feedback. By making buttons larger and ensuring clear visual hierarchy, we aimed to simplify navigation and improve ease of use. Incorporating features such as trailers and episode ratings enhanced user engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, streamlining decision-making processes and providing feedback mechanisms contributed to a smoother and more intuitive user experience.


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