July 2024

Mentor App for Coaches

We developed a centralised Mentor App for coaches, streamlining communication, payment tracking, and enhancing user experience.


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Mentor App for Coaches


In the fast-paced world of sports, where every second counts and every decision matters, athletes and mentors often face the challenge of staying connected and organised amidst the chaos of training, competitions, and daily life. A typical mentor uses various messaging platforms to create groups of athletes and handles payments via cash or digital methods, making it complex to manage a mentorship business. For athletes, this can result in information overload or difficulty in finding desired information, leading to frustration. Our solution provides a centralised platform that ensures seamless communication, organised payment tracking, and easy access to crucial updates and customised training plans, keeping everyone connected and ready to perform at their peak.

Technologies used:

React Native, Firebase, SQLite, Figma


Company Background:

As a mentorship business, our client streamlines communication and administrative tasks for coaches and athletes.

Client Challenges:

Mentors faced difficulties in monitoring trainee payments, managing multiple platforms for communication and payments, and distributing media across different groups efficiently.

Project Objectives

Goals and Objectives:

  • Develop a centralised platform to streamline communication between mentors and trainees.
  • Simplify payment tracking for mentors.
  • Enhance user experience by providing easy access to crucial updates, announcements, and training plans.

Scope of Work:

  • Build a cross-platform application using React Native, Firebase, SQLite, Fire Cloud Messaging, Firebase Native Expo, and Firestore.
  • Implement features for chat functionality, resource sharing, real-time messaging, voice notes, video calls, and automated payment tracking.

Approach and Solution

Methodology:We employed an Agile development approach to ensure flexibility, iterative progress, and continuous feedback. Jira was used for project management, and Slack facilitated communication.

Technologies Used:

  • Frontend: Firebase Native Expo
  • Backend: Firebase, Firestore, SQLite
  • Project Management: Jira
  • Communication: Slack

Development Process:

  1. Initial Planning: Conducted planning sessions to understand client requirements and challenges.
  2. Prototyping: Created mockups and prototypes, gathering feedback to refine the design and functionality.
  3. Frontend and Backend Development: Developed the application using React Native for cross-platform capabilities and implemented backend functionalities with Firebase and Firestore.
  4. Testing and Iteration: Conducted extensive testing and iterated based on user feedback to ensure a seamless experience.

Customization and Innovation:

  • Centralized platform with chat functionality for seamless communication.
  • Resource-sharing capabilities to impart crucial information, dispense advice, and issue announcements.
  • Streamlined payment tracking system for hassle-free management.
  • Real-time messaging, voice notes, and video call features for enhanced communication.
  • Automated payment tracking for easy management of trainee payments.
  • Effortless media sharing across athlete groups.



The application was deployed in stages to ensure seamless integration and minimal disruption. Available on both web and mobile platforms, the app facilitated easy access for mentors and athletes.


Implemented rigorous testing methodologies, including unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing, to ensure quality and accuracy.

Training and Support:

Provided comprehensive training for the client’s team on using the new platform. Offered ongoing support post-deployment to address any issues and ensure smooth operation.

Results and Impact

Quantitative Results:

  • Improved Efficiency: The automation of payment tracking and streamlined communication significantly enhanced operational efficiency for mentors.
  • Reduced Errors: Automation reduced the likelihood of errors in payment tracking and communication, improving accuracy in financial management and information sharing.

Qualitative Results:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Simplified communication and payment tracking, along with personalized training plans, contributed to an improved user experience.
  • Increased Engagement: Real-time messaging, voice notes, and video calls fostered stronger mentor-learner relationships and promoted collaboration.
  • Higher Productivity: By freeing up time spent on manual tasks, mentors could focus more on delivering quality training sessions.
  • Enriched Learning Process: Easy media sharing across learner groups enriched the learning experience for trainees.


Before implementation, mentors struggled with managing multiple platforms and manual payment tracking. Post-implementation, the centralized platform provided a seamless, automated experience, significantly improving efficiency, accuracy, and user satisfaction.


Our partnership resulted in the successful development of a Mentor App for coaches. The app’s robust design, strategic integrations, and innovative features contributed to significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and user satisfaction.

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