May 2024

Streamlining School Transportation: A Unified UI/UX Solution for Bus Tracking

Ensuring kids' safety with real-time tracking, attendance, and online payment for hassle-free school bus management.





Streamlining School Transportation: A Unified UI/UX Solution for Bus Tracking

Project Overview

  • Parents worry about their children's safety when they're traveling on school buses. They often wonder if their little ones have reached school safely and on time. It's tough for working parents to keep tabs on when the bus will arrive, adding to their stress.
  • Enter BusTracker, the superhero app for worried parents! With BusTracker, parents can breathe easy knowing they can track their child's school bus in real-time. No more hurried phone calls or waiting anxiously by the roadside. Our user-friendly app sends timely reminders about the bus's arrival, so parents can plan their schedules better.
  • But that's not all! Busy parents can also stay updated on their child's attendance and conveniently pay school fees online. Meanwhile, school administrators get the power to manage buses efficiently, thanks to features like route history and attendance tracking.
  • Imagine the relief of knowing exactly where your child's bus is and when it will arrive. With BusTracker, parents can enjoy peace of mind while their little ones travel safely to school. So say goodbye to worries and hello to hassle-free school bus tracking!

Approach Workflow

  • Our design process began with a research to understand the needs and pain points of our users. We utilized both qualitative and quantitative methods, including surveys and interviews, to gather insights from our target audience.
  • Through our research, we identified common challenges faced by parents, such as uncertainty about bus arrival times and concerns about their child's safety during transportation. This led us to create detailed user personas representing the typical users of our app.
  • One persona, a homemaker emphasized the importance of receiving notifications about her child's safe arrival at school or home, as well as being informed of any delays or disruptions to the bus schedule. Another persona, a working professional  highlighted the need for real-time tracking of the bus to better manage their time and ensure timely drop-offs and pick-ups.
  • To further understand our user’s experiences, we developed empathy maps to visualize their thoughts, feelings, and actions. This helped us empathize with their frustrations, such as the stress of waiting for the bus and the lack of communication with the driver during delays.
  • Based on these insights, our approach focused on designing a solution that addresses these pain points and fulfils the needs of our users. We aimed to create a user-friendly app with features such as real-time bus tracking, notifications for delays, and detailed bus route information. By prioritizing safety, convenience, and peace of mind for parents, our solution seeks to enhance the school bus transportation experience.


Mobile Application (For parents)

We designed screens for parents, staff and admin.

For parents, the high-fidelity design includes features like phone number & OTP verification for secure login, a home page displaying the status of their child's pick-up and drop-off, a live track location option, notifications for upcoming events, and a profile section for attendance tracking and payment.

Home and Location Page

Design Psychology

  • Color Psychology: The utilization of the green color to indicate when a child was picked up evoked positive feelings and reassured parents about their child's journey. Green signified safety and progress, triggering a sense of security and relief in parents' minds.
  • Anticipation Principle: The status bar that showed the bus's estimated time of arrival (ETA) at each stop applied the anticipation principle. By updating parents in real-time about the bus's location and expected arrival time, the app managed their expectations and minimized uncertainty regarding their child's transportation.

Live Track Location

Design Psychology

  • Visual Anchors:  Visual cues, such as map markers or progress bars, acted as anchors directing parents' attention to the bus's location and movement along the route. This made it easy for users to understand where the bus was in relation to their child's stop.
  • Framing: Information about the bus, such as its current location and the names of the driver and attendant, was presented in a clear and concise manner, framed within a user-friendly interface. This framing helped parents quickly locate and digest relevant information without feeling overwhelmed.

Notification and Request

Design Psychology

  • External Triggers: Notifications served as external triggers, prompting parents to take action, such as preparing for upcoming events or addressing alerts. By providing timely reminders and alerts, the system helped parents stay informed and prepared.


Design Psychology

  • Feedback Loop: Enabling parents to mark their child as absent from the profile section created a feedback loop with the school. This feature allowed parents to communicate attendance changes easily, promoting involvement and accountability. Timely feedback fostered transparency and collaboration, enhancing the user experience.

Mobile Application (Staff members)

Staff members also have a similar login process with phone number & OTP verification. Their interface includes features like scanning QR codes for student pick-up lists, tracking the next pick-up location, reporting student attendance, and accessing their profile for attendance logs and route history.

Home and Pickup

Design Psychology

  • Nudge: The QR code works like a signpost, showing staff where to scan to see the list of students they need to pick up. It helps them know where to look and what to do next.

Location and Student Report

Design Psychology

  • Feedback Loop: If a child misses the bus, staff are notified immediately with a "Missed Bus" alert. This quick feedback prompts them to take necessary actions right away, like informing parents or addressing the situation promptly. It ensures problems are dealt with promptly and keeps everyone accountable.

Desktop version (School Authority (Admin))

  • In the admin desktop version, the student dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of student attendance and bus sign-up status. It also allows tracking buses' login times and student payments. The buses dashboard displays arrival times, total students, and live tracking, while the payment dashboard manages student payment statuses.
  • Additionally, the system includes detailed student management, allowing for adding, editing, and viewing profiles, as well as staff and bus management functionalities. Admins can add staff members, edit their details, and allocate bus numbers and routes. They can also manage buses, including adding, editing, and removing bus profiles, and tracking logistics such as available capacity and routes.
  • Furthermore, there are options for managing requests, tracking payments, and editing logistical details such as bus routes and staff assignments. Overall, the desktop version provides comprehensive tools for efficient school bus and student management.

Design Psychology (admin desktop)

  • Hick's Law: To simplify decision-making for admins, the number of options on each dashboard and page was limited. For instance, on the student dashboard, critical information like attendance status and bus sign-up status was prioritized, reducing cognitive load.
  • Confirmation Bias: The system showed proof and information to users, confirming the reliability of the bus system. It displayed exact bus arrival times, locations on a map, and updated payment statuses on the "Buses Dashboard" and "Payment Dashboard" screens, enhancing users' trust in the system.
  • Nudge: Subtle hints or reminders were used to prompt admins to address pending tasks or requests. For example, a notification badge was displayed on the "My Request" page, indicating the number of pending requests awaiting action.

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